Avoiding Frozen Pipes at Your Investment Property

A few weeks ago, Ohio experienced some very cold temperatures.  Many renters and homeowners were nervous about the potential of frozen pipes.  Of course, many people took proper steps to help with avoiding frozen pipes, including leaving cabinet doors open in cooler areas of the property and turning faucets on to a drip in cooler areas of the property.

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Weeks later, I heard about a property in my town which is vacant that had an alarm sounding as well as water pouring from an outside spigot.  Luckily, a neighbor noticed this and made a post on a social media site wondering if anyone know who owned the vacant house so they could alert the owners of what was happening.  Many people gave the neighbor ideas on how to figure out who owned the property.

How do you protect your investment properties from something like this happening?  Real estate investing is not your whole life, so you are not able to stay at your investment properties 24/7.  Do you take any precautions in case something like the alarm and water spigot were to happen to your investment property?  Do you introduce yourself to the neighbors and give them contact information if they were to witness anything unusual?  Do you set up cameras around the property so you can keep an eye on everything?  As always, it is important to have insurance on your investment property in case that is too late to prevent events like this.

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