Working Remotely

Working in the real estate investment industry, you may already be working from home. However, with the recent Coronavirus, you are probably working remotely more often than before. Previously, you may have met up with colleagues for coffee to discuss business, but now, you might be conducting these meetings over video conferencing. 

Do you have a specific space in your home, like a home
office, to complete work?

As people have been working from home the past few months, it might show some companies that there are more benefits from working remotely than having an office building. My friend recently was told she would be working from home indefinitely as the company sold their office building. She had to transform one of the bedrooms in her home into a home office. Do you think more companies will follow this path and have employees work from home?

Zillow recently published a post regarding setting up the perfect home office. It is important to set up a space in your home specifically for working remotely.  What tips would you give these people who now have to work full-time from home?

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