What Scents are Best for Open Houses?

I have always heard that it is a good idea to bake cookies or any baked goods before having an open house or a real estate showing to give potential homebuyers a welcoming feeling. However, lately it is known just as a sales plow. This goes with candles and various scents as well. Some of these scents may be off putting to certain homebuyers, so it is good to tone down the smells in the house. According to Eric Spangenberg, Washington State University’s Dean of the College of Business, the best scents for real estate open houses include lemon, cedar, pine, and vanilla, while some of the worse include potpourri, gourmet foods, chocolate-chip cookies, and other baked goods. Many say your best bet is to stick to the smell of fresh air. As a real estate investor, what scents do you use for open houses? Have you known any to prove successful?