Top Real Estate Rehab Cities in the United States

Top Rehab Cities

Looking for the best city to rehab a real estate property? RealtyTrac released a report with the top cities for real estate rehab investments.  Among the top cities include ReCasa Financial Group markets Chicago, Illinois; Cleveland, Ohio; St. Louis, Missouri; and Cincinnati, Ohio.

As prices continue to rise, real estate investors are becoming more confident in the real estate market.  These top cities are perfect for rehabbers, as builders seem to avoid these areas.   RealtyTrac looked at homes built before 1960 with an estimated home value of under $100,000 as these types of real estate properties are best candidates for profitable rehab investments.  RealtyTrac found more than 51,000 prospective fixer-uppers in these top cities.

How would you describe the success of the real estate industry today? Which real estate properties do you find are the best candidate for profitable rehab investments?