Tips for Financing Your Next Real Estate Investments

real estate financing tipsFinancing an investment property is a big step in securing a large return on investment.  It is important to consider all financing possibilities.

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Some real estate investors are financially capable of purchasing and rehabbing their investment properties, there are some downsides to the transaction to consider.  Paying cash creates loss of liquidity, lack of leverage, and less money for rehab.

Below are some tips for financing your next real estate investment.

  • Make sure you have a large financial cushion for emergencies so that you do not get stuck in the investment. Paying cash for the property, can tie up your own cash.
  • While debt is one thing most people do not like to show, it is helpful to show real estate debt. If you are able to get a decent interest rate you may be able to make money due to inflation effects.
  • If you decide to use other people’s money, getting pre-approved will help the buying process.

What tips would you add to the list?


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