Staging Your Rehab Investment Property to Sell

As a real estate investor, you may have to make decisions when it comes to selling your rehab investment property.  Staging may be one of those decisions.

Staging allows homebuyers to envision a livable home, while an unstaged home paints a clean picture of how their furniture and decorations would fit.  You should ask your realtor to run a market analysis of days on the market between stages homes and empty homes.  This can be the deal breaker if you are on the fence regarding staging your investment property.  This analysis can provide information on whether staging is a good return on investment.  According to the Real Estate Staging Association, staged properties spend less time on the market and sell for more money. Staging

When staging, make sure the home is well lit, decorations vary, and furniture is grouped in the middle of a room to make it look larger.  Mirrors can be great additions to make rooms look larger and to reflect light to make rooms brighter.

Do you stage your property, or leave it empty?  What tips do you have for other investors when it comes to staging?