Resources for the Successful Investor

Real Estate Investor ResourcesWhat makes a good neighborhood?  While opinions may vary, distance to goods and services, safety, and educational options are some examples of the characteristics.  It is important to do research on a neighborhood, so we have decided to list a few resources below.

  • – Up to date sold prices around a specific property.
  • – Statistics and information on neighborhoods including foreclosures and environmental concerns.
  • – Information, reviews by parents and students, and test scores from schools in the area.
  • – Reports on real estate, schools and crime in the area.

There are a number of website resources for real estate investors, but how do you know which ones are credible?  We recommend extensive research from multiple, trusted partners.  On our website,, we list a number of helpful website resources for the real estate investor on the Resource page.  Visit the link below to see what we have included.

What other websites would you add?