Rentberry Helpful for Investors?

Like we mentioned in our recent blog posts, How Will Interest Rates Affect Real Estate Investors in 2017 and  Mortgage Rates and Applications Rise, mortgage rates are rising which may cause more people to rent.  With the demand, should landlords use every means available to market their rental properties?  If so, what are these platforms?  We know that there are Zillow and Realtor, but what about ones specific for renting?

After doing some research we came across Rentberry.  A startup that began in early 2016.   According to, “Rentberry is a transparent home rental service and a price negotiation platform uniting tenants and landlords.  It automates all the standard rental tasks from submitting your personal information, credit reports and custom offers, to e-signing rental agreements and online rental payments.”  It also has a custom feature that allows potential renters to make bids on apartments.

Some investors have their own idea of a perfect website and/or app for their real estate investment business.  Do you think Rentberry would be helpful?  What other channels do you find helpful for your real estate investing?