Rehab is Going Green

environmentally friendly houseGoing green is showing up more and more around the world, even in rehabbingRehab investment properties are now featuring environmentally friendly elements in order to bring in more homebuyers and raise the properties’ value.  Environmentally friendly features are ranking higher than rehabbed kitchens and bathrooms with homebuyers.  Environmentally friendly elements create cost savings along with durability and energy and/or water savings which can lead to higher appraisal and resale values.

Environmentally friendly rehab investment properties should save homeowners or renters money on various aspects of home ownership.  With environmentally friendly features such as insulating the property well, temperatures become even throughout the property with less draft and better humidity control.  Environmentally friendly products such as low-flow commodes, solar panels, energy efficient appliances, ceiling fans, bamboo flooring, and large windows for natural lights are a few additional ways to create an environmentally friendly property.

What are you doing to make your rehab investments green?