Real Estate Investors Should Update Front Door and Landscaping to Help Sell Properties

Besides a “For Rent” or a “For Sale” sign in the front yard, curb appeal draws the attention of house hunters.  Most homeowners know the basics of good curb appeal – cut grass and clear walkways and driveways, but have you ever considered something to draw the eye?  What about a pop of color by painting the front door?  Or planting colorful flowers or updating landscaping?

2016 Popular Front Door ColorsPainting the front door and changing the light fixture can make a big difference to the look of a house.  Some of the popular front door colors for 2016, include turquoise, teal, dark blues, dark purples, dark greens, and of course neutral colors.  What color do you use on your own front door?  What colors do you use on your investment properties’ front doors?

Landscaping can easily increase a property’s value from 5% to 11%.  Make sure your landscaping matches the interior and exterior look of your house.  You do not want conflicting design techniques.  Make sure that the trees and flowers that are planted will receive the adequate amount of sunlight, and that they will bloom during the season in which you plan to rent or sell the property.  Also, use a variety of plants to create diversity to make it interesting.  What are some of your favorite plants to use at your investment properties?