Property Management Companies Help Real Estate Investors

Some real estate investors opt to have a management company handle their investment properties when they are kept for income, while others do it themselves or hire one employee to help with everything. Many real estate investors find property management companies helpful when their investment company is growing rapidly or they do it on the side as they do not have much free time, when they do not live near the investment property, and/or are not interested in the hands-on management.

Real estate management companies are helpful because

· They handle the application process and know the warning signs of a bad tenant

· They know the latest landlord-tenant laws

· They prepare the property for new tenants

· They determine the best rent rate, and handle rent payments and handle any late payments/ evictions

· They market your property effectively including writing ads and negotiating cheaper advertising rates

· They assist with taxes by acknowledging what can be tax deductions (Property management fees are tax deductible)

· They usually have an onsite maintenance team to handle problems and to update properties

As a real estate investor, do you use a property management company? Do you use them on 1-4 family properties, or larger properties? What do you find is the most useful aspect of having a property management company as part of your real estate investment team?