Project Destined

Many professionals are passionate about their career, and hope that younger generations will follow in their professional footsteps.  With your real estate knowledge and experience, you are able to help mold the minds of others.  Two real estate experts did just that.  Cedric Bobo and Fred Greene are the co-founders of Project Destined.

Project Destined is 501(c)3 non-profit that administers a real estate based education program focused on empowering underserved communities through training in financial literacy, total health and leadership development.” Through this non-profit, inner-city students experience real world real estate investments within their own community. Currently, this program is only offered in certain areas including Memphis, Miami and New York City.

The program teaches real estate and financing topics to the students through an online platform.  Then they form teams where each team concentrates on one real estate property.  These teams create an investor pitch which they present to a panel of real estate experts.  Not only are these students gaining real estate knowledge, experience and connections, but the winning team has the opportunity to earn a cash scholarship up to $5,000.  According to CNBC, “Some of the kids from this program have gone on to get internships and even jobs in the real estate sector.”

Does your community offer anything similar to Project Destined?  The Project Destined website allows you to vote for their next city where they will expand this non-profit.