Preparing for Real Estate Investing in 2019

For many people, December is a hectic month filled with holiday preparations and celebrations. Between the busy times of the month, some real estate investors like to tie up loose ends for the year and start preparing for the upcoming year and their real estate rehab investments.

What do you consider your fiscal year to be? January to December? Or do you start from when you began your business? Whatever your fiscal year is, it is important to start and close the year similar each time.

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One of the most important parts of preparing for the next year of real estate investing, is to understand what is predicted for the real estate industry.  According to Forbes, in 2019, “Mortgage rates will continue rising,” “Millennials will keep buying homes — despite those rising rates,” “Overall home sales will drop,” and “National rents will rise, but apartment construction could ease renters’ pains.”

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With these predictions for 2019, will you be making any changes to the way you invest in real estate?