Painting Can Add Value to Real Estate Property

Many people know that updating a home’s kitchen and bathroom adds value, but there are other easier ways of doing so too.  I recently watched a video that mentioned painting your home’s front door black or a shade of charcoal would increase the property’s value by $6,000, so I had to look into this rehab tip.

According to Zillow and their analysis of paint colors, the following are a few ways to paint your real estate property to increase the value.

  • A black or shade of charcoal front door will
    raise the price by 2.9%.
  • A bathroom painted periwinkle blue will raise
    the price by 1.3%.  
  • A black and white kitchen raises the price by
    about $1,500. 

What inexpensive and easy ways have you rehabbed your investment property to add value?