No Changes for ReCasa Financial Group

ReCasa Financial Group has been getting questions regarding how our rehab investment financing guidelines have changed since COVID-19.  Fortunately, ReCasa’s guidelines have not changed, and interest rates are low!

Some of ReCasa’s real estate rehab loan guidelines include:

  • 100% financing of the purchase, cost of improvements and soft costs; lending up to 70-75% of the completed value of the project.
  • Subject property must be 1-4 family non-owner occupied
  • Minimum credit score of 680 for all applicants
  • 9 month term with no prepayment penalty
  • Monthly interest-only payments, with principal due at maturity

Many financial institutions have had to make changes to their lending departments due to COVID-19. ReCasa Financial Group has been lending to real estate investors for over 20 years.  We have survived a recession and now a pandemic.  We are proud to say that our guidelines have not changed over the past few months, and that we are able to help many new clients as their original financing options are no longer available.  We are also working with more and more brokers to help their clients receive the financing they need to invest in real estate across the country.

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