Is It a Seller’s Market?

Living in Columbus, Ohio, the phrase “Seller’s Market” has been used over and over lately.  Real estate agents are marketing their business to homeowners (who might not even been looking to sell) because they have clients looking to purchase homes in certain areas.

The Indianapolis market is highly competitive.  Homes are selling faster than they have in years.  Many houses are getting multiple offers, so homebuyers are having to go well over the asking price.

All-Cash BuyersIs it a seller’s market or a buyer’s market in your area right now?  Does the market change how you handle your rehab investment properties?  Does it determine if you will keep the property as a rental?

According to CNBC and RentRange, “some of the most lucrative rental markets with rent gains of more than 17% annually and an average gross yield of nearly 11.27%” include Knoxville, TN; Syracuse, NY; and Charleston, NC & SC.