How Will Interest Rates Affect Real Estate Investors in 2017?

Currently mortgage rates are at the highest they have been in two years, according to CNBC.  The federal interest rates are expected to increase in the future. This rise is due to the expectation of economy growth.

Home buyers will be paying a higher rate on a purchase, so they won’t have as much to complete repairs upon purchase.  Does this make a completely renovated property marketed for sale by an investor more attractive to home buyers in the coming year?

With the rise in housing costs, rentals could be fought over.  Property managers could benefit from higher occupancy rates and rent payments.  Some also believe that within the next year, real estate loans with little down payment could become more readily available, which will help millennials.  What do you think will happen for real estate investors in 2017? What is your game plan for 2017?

CNBC published a great article regarding this topic. Read the full post here…