How to Control the Selling of Your Investment Property

Many rehabbers put most of their focus and effort into the buying and rehabbing aspects of their investment projects, consider it completed, and let the selling process happen instead of controlling it.  We advise our real estate investors to play a larger role in the selling process of their investment properties.  Consider creating a sales strategy for selling the investment property.

Control the Selling of Your Investment Property

The most important step to controlling the selling side is to do your homework.  Don’t rely on the information gathered at the purchase of the rehab project but rather research again current selling prices of recently sold houses around your .

Another key step is to be a shrewd negotiator when offers come in.  Be open to all offers yet be clear on any critical information delivery to other agents.  Communicate any hot buttons such as type of offer, contingencies, timing and any other issues which will help to move the offer along smoothly.  Do not rush an offer to allow the proper time to give a thoughtful response.

What is approach do you use when you sell your investment property?