Favored Investment Choice

When you work for someone, you usually get affirmation from time to time that you are doing a good job.  When you are your own boss, it can sometimes be less clear.  As real estate investors, you can certainly see that you are having success from your ROI results, but sometimes reassurance is needed.

I recently read this article detailing the importance of investing in real estate, and how many Americans agree that it is a reliable way to invest money.  According to the article written by Sully Barrett, real estate investing remains the most favored way to invest money for Americans, compared to stocks, mutual funds, gold, bonds, savings accounts, and CDs. CNBC’s Barrett reported, “Real estate’s popularity has not waned; it has been the most favored investment since 2013 and the top investment choice since 2016.”  While stocks have dropped during the coronavirus, real estate has been steady. 

Read the article here – https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/24/americans-down-on-stocks-say-real-estate-is-best-investment-gallup.html

In addition to real estate, do you invest your money