Drones are the New Trend for Real Estate

droneThe real estate industry seems to keep changing, from interest rates to the way the business works.  I recently read an article about the newest trend regarding the use of drones for real estateReal estate professionals are using drones to capture better photos and videos of real estate properties at a more reasonable cost as they begin to be listed on the market.  Some real estate professionals believe that these photos and videos will allow for real estate buyers to view more properties in a shorter period.  Before drone photos and videos, many real estate professionals relied on Google Maps and Google Earth for an aerial view of the real estate property.

Some uses of the drone for real estate purposes include

  • Aerial photos of the property
  • Video footage of approaching the property from traveling up a driveway
  • Video footage as if walking around the property
  • Various aspects of the town where the property is located

How many are using drones for their real estate business?  Do you find them helpful?  Do you see this trend becoming the norm?