Do’s and Don’ts While Your Mortgage or Refinance Loan is in Process

ReCasa Financial Group’s loan officer and real estate financing expert, Graham Montigny, CRMS, created a list to help mortgage applicants when purchasing or refinancing.  This is an important list of do’s and don’ts to follow.  Following these guides will help the real estate loan process run more smoothly.


  • Move money from one account to another
  • Let ANYONE pull your credit for ANY reason until after your real estate loan closes
  • Make ANY deposit of any sort other than direct deposit of pay checks without documenting the source and photocopying everything – Cash is not acceptable
  • Bounce a check or allow an overdraft, even with an overdraft account
  • Put in your 30 days notice to move until you close
  • Change jobs or pay types (i.e. hourly to commission) while your loan is in process
  • Miss any payments on any account for any reason

*You may need to do one of the Don’ts, but always consult your loan officer/ bank before doing any of the above.


  • Send every paycheck stub as it becomes available
  • Send every bank statement as it becomes available
  • Send every 401k, IRA, etc statement as it becomes available

What would you add to this list?

If you are interested in a real estate purchase or refinance, contact Graham Montigny, CRMS, 614-309-0427 or