Building Relationships Through Real Estate Trade Shows

A couple of months ago, our rehab regional managers, Erik Williams and Steve Radomile, attended some real estate broker trade shows.  They attended AAPL Annual Conference, Northeast Conference of Mortgage Brokers and Professionals, and NAMB National.  They met with some brokers and made successful connections.  As you know, in the real estate industry, it is important to build relationships with others in the business.

When attending trade shows, remember to…

  • Find out who will have a booth and decide which booths you want to make sure to stop at. That way you can plan out your day better, and not leave the event without stopping by those specific booths.
  • Always give out your business card and get a business card. Some tables become very busy and it is a good idea to get the person’s/company’s card so that you can follow up with them.
  • Stay at the hotel associated with the trade show. It will give you a chance to meet with attendees outside the event.

Have you been to any trade shows that you found to be successful for your real estate investment business?