Being a Successful Real Estate Investor

InterviewLast week, we talked to one of our very own, very successful real estate investors, and wanted to share some of the conversation with you in hopes that these answers might educate and influence you to become a successful real estate investor.

This specific real estate investor has been investing for 7 years.  He has completed both buy and holds and fix and flips, but enjoys buy and holds more as they are a continuous source of income.  Investing is a part-time income producer for him as he works another full-time job.  He decided to start investing to help supplement his retirement savings.  He completes most of the rehabbing himself but has numerous professionals on his team, such as realtors, rehab crews, and a rehab lender (ReCasa Financial Group).  He encourages other investors to have real estate professionals be part of their team, “Experts are a must especially when you only invest part-time.” These real estate professionals have helped him become the successful investor he has worked towards.  When asked what the key to becoming a successful investor, he stated “Never fall in love with a deal.  There is always another one coming.”

What is your key to becoming a successful real estate investor?