A Look Back at Real Estate in 2013

Real Estate InvestingA recent article published by the National Mortgage Professional Magazine describes a survey that was conducted in regards to 2013 real estate investing.  The following information was reported.

  • Median investment home price was $130,000 in 2013, up 13% from $115,000 in 2012
  • 38% of investment properties purchased last year were in the South, 25% in the West, 18% in the Northeast, and 19% in the Midwest
  • Investment home buyers in 2013 had a median age of 42, earned $111,400 and bought a home a median distance of 20 miles from their primary residence

Some investment properties are used for rentals properties. It is reported that the best counties to buy rental properties in the U.S. are located where unemployment rate is below 4.5%.  These top areas include Anderson County, S.C.; Columbia, S.C.; Pittsburgh, PA; Columbus, Ohio; and Charleston, S.C.

How do your investment trends compare to those reported from 2013?