A Brady Bunch Renovation

Who watched Brady Bunch when they were younger?  Well, did you hear what happened to the memorable Brady Bunch home?  In November 2018, HGTV announced plans to restore the Brady Bunch house to the way it looked in the show.  This exact home is the one used when the television show would display the exterior of the house.  The inside of the house, was actually filmed on a set.  In HGTV’s A Very Brady Renovation, some of the Brady Bunch worked with some of HGTV’s best including Drew and Jonathan Scott to renovate this iconic property.

Before pictures of the Brady Bunch home – https://www.onecountry.com/lifestyle/the-brady-bunch-house-pictures/

After pictures of the Brady Bunch home – https://hip2behome.com/2019/06/02/brady-bunch-house-renovation-complete/

How do you feel about this renovation?  Do you know what has happened to other iconic, television homes?