8 Improvement Ideas for Rehabbers to Succeed at Flipping – Part 2

Here is the second part to our two part series, 8 Improvement Ideas for Rehabbers to Succeed at Flipping.  If you missed the first 4, feel free to go back and read them after these.

5.  Decorating

Decorating the home may be the biggest obstacle.   Buyers want to see themselves in the home.   What you as the rehabber might find appealing, buyers may not.   Instead they will see the cost of redecorating the space.   Your best bet is to paint the walls with a neutral color; don’t go for the bright colors… it might scare them away.   Some rehabbers like the option of staging a home.   This can help as long as you do it correctly.   You do not want to over stage.   Large furniture will take up room and make the space feel small.   Lighting and mirrors can be used to add dimension to a room.

6.  Square Footage

Homes need to fit modern lifestyles and interests.  While rooms with no real purpose are a plus for homeowners (as they can do what they wish with them), buyers can be turned off by them.  These rooms may be perceived as wasted space, and the missing square footage takes away from the property’s value.  Changing a space back into its proposed function can be a vast project, for buyers who will focus on the cost of the change.  It is best to designate a purpose for each room and make sure buyers understand it’s purpose.

Bathroom Renovation

7.  Baths

Who would want to have a dirty bathroom?  If the bathroom is outdated, there are simple ways to update the look and feel.   No matter your budget, a rehabber can renovate small items to make the bathroom look clean and inviting.   It is reported, that rehabbers can expect an 80% return on investment if you were to revamp the bathroom from ceiling to floor.   If they are working with a small budget, make sure the bathroom is clean, smelling fresh, and well-decorated.

8.  Designs

Keep in mind that when you conduct design renovations, not everyone wants artsy or futuristic designs.  It is harder to find someone with these specific wants than those looking for basic design elements.  Buyers who want something more mainstream will only think about the projects and cost of replacing these items.  It is a good idea to keep with basic design elements that will welcome all types of buyers.

That completes our top 8 list of improvements.  What would you add to this list?