Real Estate and Virtual Staging

Recently, I was doing some research on the real estate market and COVID-19 when I came across an article focused on virtual staging for real estate investors.  With the uncertainty of the pandemic it seems that more and more people are using virtual staging for their real estate property sales.  Virtual staging is when a home’s interior is modified through a graphic editor.  There are companies that will do virtual staging, but there are also apps you can use to do it yourself.  Virtual staging can add furniture and décor to rooms, but it can also remove furniture already in a room.  In many cases, virtual staging is less expensive than home staging.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 40% of real estate agents reported that a staged real estate property was effective in helping sales including a sales price increase of 1% to 5%.  Staging helps potential home buyers visualize themselves in the space since people usually start their house shopping online.

Have you used virtual staging for any of your real estate
investment properties?  If so, did you
find it beneficial?