Generational Wealth and Real Estate

Recently, I was speaking with my husband about creating generational
wealth. We have two daughters and would love to have something set up for their
financial future.  The thought of using
real estate as a vehicle to achieve that came to the forefront of my mind.

I realized that a family friend was doing just that.  He and his two teenaged sons purchased an investment property. The three worked together to rehab the property, and they continue to work together to take care of the property. Whether rehabilitating to sell or retain as a rental, successful projects can, over time, exponentially improve one’s financial standing and help build wealth that can be passed on to future generations. This also teaches the next generation the importance of planning and gives them an example of ways to improve one’s financial self. It is never too early to teach your children smart financial habits.

Forbes published an article explaining how real estate
builds generational wealth. While the article uses the Vanderbilt family and
the Rockefeller family as examples, you can see how your results can be similar
even on a smaller scale. 

Read the article here –

What better way to start 2021, than starting to create generational wealth through real estate investing!