Painting Can Add Value to Real Estate Property

Many people know that updating a home’s kitchen and bathroom adds value, but there are other easier ways of doing so too.  I recently watched a video that mentioned painting your home’s front door black or a shade of charcoal would increase the property’s value by $6,000, so I had to look into this rehab tip.

According to Zillow and their analysis of paint colors, the following are a few ways to paint your real estate property to increase the value.

  • A black or shade of charcoal front door will
    raise the price by 2.9%.
  • A bathroom painted periwinkle blue will raise
    the price by 1.3%.  
  • A black and white kitchen raises the price by
    about $1,500. 

What inexpensive and easy ways have you rehabbed your investment property to add value?

Working Remotely

Working in the real estate investment industry, you may already be working from home. However, with the recent Coronavirus, you are probably working remotely more often than before. Previously, you may have met up with colleagues for coffee to discuss business, but now, you might be conducting these meetings over video conferencing. 

Do you have a specific space in your home, like a home
office, to complete work?

As people have been working from home the past few months, it might show some companies that there are more benefits from working remotely than having an office building. My friend recently was told she would be working from home indefinitely as the company sold their office building. She had to transform one of the bedrooms in her home into a home office. Do you think more companies will follow this path and have employees work from home?

Zillow recently published a post regarding setting up the perfect home office. It is important to set up a space in your home specifically for working remotely.  What tips would you give these people who now have to work full-time from home?

You can read the post here –

Favored Investment Choice

When you work for someone, you usually get affirmation from time to time that you are doing a good job.  When you are your own boss, it can sometimes be less clear.  As real estate investors, you can certainly see that you are having success from your ROI results, but sometimes reassurance is needed.

I recently read this article detailing the importance of investing in real estate, and how many Americans agree that it is a reliable way to invest money.  According to the article written by Sully Barrett, real estate investing remains the most favored way to invest money for Americans, compared to stocks, mutual funds, gold, bonds, savings accounts, and CDs. CNBC’s Barrett reported, “Real estate’s popularity has not waned; it has been the most favored investment since 2013 and the top investment choice since 2016.”  While stocks have dropped during the coronavirus, real estate has been steady. 

Read the article here –

In addition to real estate, do you invest your money

Rehab Before and After

If you are on social media, you have probably seen the trend of photo sharing.  People are sharing their senior high school photos to honor this year’s high school seniors.  Photos of mothers and fathers and their children are being shared to compare their looks. People are sharing their first photo ever taken with their significant other and comparing it to a recent one.

ReCasa Financial Group has been financing rehab investment projects since our founding in 2000.  We continue to offer our 100% rehab investment financing and our areas in which we lend continues to grow.  Over these two decades, ReCasa Financial Group has financed thousands of real estate rehab investments and we have seen our share of property transformations.

We wanted to join in on the fun, and share a before and after photo from a rehab project that one of our investor clients recently completed.  One photo below shows the before picture of a kitchen and the other photo shows the finished and staged kitchen.  We would love to see some of your before and after photos as well. Which is your favorite before and after rehab investment project?

Rehab Before and After

Preparing for COVID-19

COVID-19 seems to be causing panic around the United States.  In Ohio specifically, stores are running out of hand soap, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and toilet paper.  Also, in Ohio, schools are shut down and sport events are limiting the number of attendees.  Some companies are even sending employees home to work instead of being in the office.  Schools and companies are taking steps to prepare themselves for this coronavirus.  What is happening in your area?

As a real estate investor, how are you preparing your company for COVID-19?  Of course, the top steps to follow to avoid this coronavirus include washing your hands and staying away from others when feeling sick. However, as a business owner what about making sure your employees remain healthy and your real estate investment business stays successful.  Do you believe it is important to stock up on supplies?  What happens if your employees take time off?  How will you get your rehab completed in a timely manner to earn the highest ROI?  I have heard from many parents that they are concerned about what to do if daycares are shut down.  Many parents are unable to take time off work and/or take their children with them to their place of employment.  Owning your own business, how would you handle your children not being able to attend daycare?

There are some many factors to consider when preparing for something that is causing panic around the world.  It never hurts to prepare yourself and your real estate investment business to the possibilities that could take place due to COVID-19.  It may be important to take the next few days to set a plan in place to answer those what ifs surrounding this COVID-19.

Even though this article by the National Association of Realtors is directed towards realtors, there are many ideas available that could be beneficial to you too. –