What Today’s Homebuyers are Looking for in a Home

In order to be successful in the real estate investing industry, it is important to analyze multiple perspectives when it comes to rehabbing. As rehabbers, you should also think like a homebuyer to determine which properties to rehab and how to rehab them.   Below are a few details.

  • PROPERTY BID CHEAT SHEET!Neighborhood Quality & Safety – When looking at properties, you should analyze whether the property meets common safety standards (crime, busy roads, etc.) that homebuyers would be interested in knowing before purchasing.  You also want to make sure that the neighborhood’s value is increasing, so their purchase will be a successful investment over the years.
  • Distance from Job – Some homebuyers would like a home close to their work, so it is important to consider the homes location in comparison to job opportunities.
  • Energy Efficient – The National Association of Homebuilders reported that energy efficiency including energy-star rated appliances, energy-star rated windows, and ceiling fans topped the list of home buyers for the most important feature in homes.
  • School Quality – A number of homebuyers look at the school districts when considering a property. Some homebuyers will spend more money on a home if it is in a good school district.
  • Open Floor Plans & High Ceilings – Entertaining is important and is more easily done with open floor plans and high ceilings as it creates a feeling of more space.
  • Technology Accessibility – With continuous changes in technology, it is important that the house is up to date on electrical wiring and technology accessibilities, and has the option of changing with the technology enhancements. Making the house cable and internet friendly is important.

Winter is always a hard season to sell real estate.  Consider the following tips when placing your home on the market.  In order to grab a shopper’s attention, curb appeal needs to be right.  While some find it hard to create good curb appeal during the winter, it can easily be done by creating a beautiful and inviting entrance with a porch light and a decorative front door, cutting back dead plants, shoveling snow on driveways and walkways, and raking up leaves.  You may also want to stage the house for selling.  You can do this by adding the necessary pieces of furniture and wall decorations.  Using only the necessary pieces will make rooms feel large.  Also, make sure that the house is properly lit inside and outside.  During the winter, there is not much natural light, so it is important to use lamps and other lighting.

These are just a few ideas, what additional characteristics do you believe home buyers are looking for when shopping for a home?