Homebuyers and Renters Looking for Sustainability and Environmentally Friendly Features

With Earth Day on April 22, it is a great time to think about how your real estate investment business is going green – both the rehabbing side and business aspect.

Regarding rehabbing properties, according to a recent Chicago Agent Magazine’s article, 9 stats that show homebuyers want green technology, “71 percent of homebuyers say energy efficiency promotion in listings was very or somewhat valuable” and “56 percent of Realtors surveyed said clients are at least somewhat interested in sustainability.”

Some of these real estate green features include solar panels, dual pane windows, energy star appliances, high efficiency water heaters, low flow toilets, showerheads, and faucets. What sustainability and environmentally friendly features have you added to your buy/hold or fix/flip properties? Do you see more homebuyers and renters looking for these features? Are these features adding value to your properties?

Are you changing any of your business aspects of your investing to help the Earth too?

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