Customer Service is Important

When you research people and/or companies to work with, is customer service something you take into consideration?  If not, it should be.  It is important to work with people you trust and can get a hold of when needed. You should always look at recommendations when considering a new person or company to build a relationship with.  Not only should you follow this for your rehab investment business, but for personal areas too.

You don’t want to work with realtors, brokers, home inspectors, insurance agents, and other real estate professionals that are impossible to get in touch with as this could hold up the process of investing in a property, which in the end could cost you more money.

One great aspect of working with ReCasa Financial Group is the company size.  We may be a smaller company, but that makes us unique.  When you call ReCasa to speak to someone regarding a loan, you do not go through a never-ending animated recording including pressing multiple numbers to be connected to someone (or if you are like me, pressing 0 until someone answers). When you call ReCasa, you will talk to a live person.  We take pride in being able to speak with our customers and knowing our customers personally, instead of treating someone as a number.  We are there to help real estate investors get the process of financing the rehab quickly.

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We still do things similar to larger financing companies.  We still fund large loan amounts.  We still close a large number of loans each year.  We also service all the loans, so you know who is handling all your paperwork.  What do you know about the company servicing your real estate loans?