What are You Reading?

If you have been reading our blog, you know that we find it very important that you do your homework when it comes to real estate investing.  We post links to various websites with great information, but one thing we haven’t talked about is reading books.  There are plenty of real estate how-to books and books written by successful real estate investors.  Do you read any books pertaining to the real estate investment industry, how to, or self-improvement books?  If so, we would love to know what books you have found helpful.

Bathroom Design Techniques You Should Avoid

As a real estate investor, you know that your biggest return on investment comes from rehabbing bathrooms and kitchens.  Realtor.com posted an article, 9 Bathroom Decor Ideas Designers Really Wish You Wouldn’t Follow, that will help when planning your next rehab.  These ideas may help you be more successful when selling your investment property.  What other design techniques should real estate investors avoid when rehabbing investment properties?

Building Relationships Through Real Estate Trade Shows

A couple of months ago, our rehab regional managers, Erik Williams and Steve Radomile, attended some real estate broker trade shows.  They attended AAPL Annual Conference, Northeast Conference of Mortgage Brokers and Professionals, and NAMB National.  They met with some brokers and made successful connections.  As you know, in the real estate industry, it is important to build relationships with others in the business.

When attending trade shows, remember to…

  • Find out who will have a booth and decide which booths you want to make sure to stop at. That way you can plan out your day better, and not leave the event without stopping by those specific booths.
  • Always give out your business card and get a business card. Some tables become very busy and it is a good idea to get the person’s/company’s card so that you can follow up with them.
  • Stay at the hotel associated with the trade show. It will give you a chance to meet with attendees outside the event.

Have you been to any trade shows that you found to be successful for your real estate investment business?

What if Real Estate Rehabbing was Part of the Olympics?

Have you been watching the Winter Olympics?  It is fascinating to watch contestants from a variety of countries compete against each other in sports in which they are experts.  These contestants are from all around the world and they all share one thing in common.  As real estate brokers, realtors and investors you should consider yourself experts in the real estate industry and home remodeling.  Just like Olympians, you prepare and train for your “sport”.  You must study, plan and practice before entering the final project.  If real estate business was part of the Olympics, what part of home remodeling would you compete in – kitchen rehab, bath remodel, dry wall instillation, home décor, staging?

Do You Find Inspiration from HGTV’s Fixer Upper?

Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, have started a huge following by many homeowners and renters.  Many watch the television show and want to decorate their home’s interior as if Joanna Gaines was their interior designer.

This husband and wife duo has created a huge empire of flipping houses.  Their television show is about a couple that finds a house to fix up.  Chip and Joanna Gaines show them a few properties and describe how they will fix up the house.  The homeowner decides which house they want to purchase.  Once they close on the property, Chip and Joanna begin working on the house.  Some of their design techniques include decluttering, open spaces, shiplap, white walls, updated front porches and back decks, and updated bathrooms and kitchens.  In the end, the house is completely transformed to fit the owner. Chip and Joanna currently also have their own paint line and home décor line.

     Read our blog post about ROI for Kitchens and Bathrooms here… http://recasafinancial.com/kitchens-and-bathrooms-remain-top-roi-improvements/

Many people are taking inspiration from their design techniques and incorporating them into their own homes including paint colors, lighting fixtures, décor and much more.  As a real estate investor, do you use any of the trends from the show to rehab your properties?  Unfortunately, Fixer Upper is in their last season.  Do you think décor trends will change once the show is over?