ReCasa Financial Group’s In-House Contact for Your Insurance Needs

Recently, Detwiler-Brofford Insurance, Inc. opened a new location at 130 East Chestnut Street, Suite 200, Columbus, OH  43215.  ReCasa’s Product and Support Manager, Sonya Wasmer has an added position as an Insurance Producer with Detwiler-Brofford Insurance, Inc.  Wasmer has 3 years of insurance experience, and over 16 years of exceptional customer service experience.  She is excited to help clients save money by getting the best possible coverage and service.  She will evaluate your specific situation and provide the best insurance value for you.  Wasmer offers life insurance and property/casualty insurance for auto, home, dwelling fire, builder’s risk, along with any other assets you would like to protect for individuals, families and businesses in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

As real estate investors, a Builder’s Risk policy is ideal as it is an insurance policy that is designed to cover property in the course of construction.  It covers the existing building, along with newly-renovated property.  It is typically written in combination with General Liability, which is an insurance policy that protects an individual or business from the risk that they may be sued and held legally liable for something such as injury or negligence.  Liability insurance policies cover both legal costs and any legal payouts for which the insured would be responsible if found legally liable.

Detwiler-Brofford was established in 1984 in Central Ohio, and expanded in 2015 opening an additional office in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  They represent many highly-rated insurance companies, including Erie Insurance, Grange Insurance, Auto-Owners Insurance, Safeco Insurance, State Auto Insurance, Progressive Insurance and more.Sonya Wasmer

Please contact Sonya Wasmer for your insurance needs.

Sonya E. Wasmer
(614) 300-2883
130 E Chestnut Street Suite 200
Columbus, OH  43215

Tips for Selling Your Investment Property During the Winter

Some investors may take time off during the winter season because they are afraid of the winter real estate market, but it could be one of the best times to sell a property.  Homebuyers looking to purchase a home during the winter are serious buyers and have limited inventory to choose from, allowing you, as the seller, to have an advantage.  Below are a few useful tips to help you sell property during the winter season.

  • Shovel and salt all pathways and driveways
  • Clean exterior including windows and siding
  • Put away outdoor furniture, unless it can be used during the winter
  • Winterize the property
  • Show off fireplace
  • Keep the home warm and cozy
  • Decorate interior and exterior for the holidays

What other tips would you add to this list?

Rehab Investing Benefits Children

We all know that real estate investing can be financially beneficial, but if you are a parent or hope to be one someday, have you ever considered the benefit it could have on your children?  You may have thought about ways to teach your children to save, but what about investing their money?  The article below explains more about how real estate investing can teach your children about financial principles.

“Even if the concepts are simplified for their sake, you can explain to them how investing works and how it can grow their money for the future.”

5 Ways to Use Real Estate Investing to Teach Your Kids About Finance

Are there other ways that real estate investing can help you teach your children?

ReCasa Financial Group’s Rehab Investor Earns over $80,000 Profit on Flip

Rehab investing can be very rewarding through hard work.  Most of our rehab investors are able to gain large returns on investments by doing their homework, and utilizing a team of successful real estate professionals.

Read about creating a successful real estate investing team here:

Recently, one of ReCasa Financial Group’s real estate investors earned a large return on investment with his rehab project.  This real estate investor purchased a 3,500 square foot residential property in a Philadelphia suburb that was significantly under market value.  Not only was he able to flip the house in four months from the purchase date, but he was able to make more than $80,000 in profit.  He cleaned up the exterior of the house, and updated the basement, windows, flooring, bathrooms, and kitchens.  He also made some major updates due to water damage.  He is currently looking to do his next real estate rehab investment.

What was your most successful real estate rehab investment?


If you are in need of financing for your next real estate investment, call ReCasa Financial Group to learn about one of your financing possibilities – 614.221.6770.  ReCasa Financial Group offers free prequalification for 100% financing for the purchase, improvements and soft costs on 1-4 family non-owner occupied properties in OH, PA, NY, NJ, NC, SC, TN, KS, MO, IN & IL. 

Real Estate Tips for Selling in the Fall

Real Estate InvestingMost people think of summer as the best time for the housing market, but real estate is bought and rented year round.  Fall can be a great time to sell a real estate property, as long as specifics are taken into consideration.

Audience – Many families move during the spring/ summer to get adjusted before school starts.  Millennials and empty nesters tend to move during the fall.  It is important to consider your audience when looking for your investment property.

Read more about considering an audience for rehab investing here:

Curb Appeal – Curb appeal is important as it is the first thing homebuyers and renters see.  Clean up the clutter, walkways, gutters, and the yard including bushes and trees.  Wash windows, decks, porches and windows, and use seasonal flowers to decorate the outside of the house.

Indoors – Keep the house cozy by using warm colored décor and smells of fall.

Don’t back down on real estate investing during the fall as it could be a very successful real estate season for you.

What other items would you add to this list to help your house sell in the fall?