I Paid Cash, How Do I Get My Money Back?

As I meet and speak with real estate investors across the country, I have the same conversation over and over again about how does an investor get his/her cash Getting Money Out of a Real Estate Purchase or Rehab Projectout of a home after purchase and/or rehabilitation. There is hope, and there are ways.  One option is an Investor Bridge Loan. Lenders, like ReCasa, will consider extending an interim, or investor bridge loan, for a free and clear property. It is a quick way to recoup your cash that is stuck in a property.

Other investors pay cash for housing if the home requires renovation before it can be occupied.  FHA will not do investor rehab loans; Fannie Mae’s HomePath is cumbersome for investors to use. Many real estate investors are not aware that investment rehab lenders, like ReCasa Financial Group, still exist and allow the buyer to acquire homes that need work, with a mortgage so that when rented and ready for permanent financing, the loan is NOT cash out, but a rate/term refinance.

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Help! I Paid Cash! How Do I Get My Money Back?

Blanket Mortgages and Investor Bridge Loans

Issues Impacting Real Estate Industry

There are many factors that are out of a real estate investors control that can

Real Estate Industry Issues - Real Estate Financing

impact the values, demand and ultimately prices for properties and rents.

Successful real estate investors focus on what they can control.

Targeting stable neighborhoods and working harder to find properties at a price that they can make money and build wealth.

Read the article below and let us know which issue is having the most impact on you.

Issues Impacting Real Estate Industry

Do Not Cost Yourself Money

Many investors try to avoid paying service providers for many of the repairs required in rehab or rental properties.  Ultimately, this can end up costing them more money in the long run.   Electricians, plumbers and HVAC technicians are examples of trade people that have significant training, and in many instances, certifications or licenses.  It is worth spending the extra money for their expertise.

The attached article gives good advice on what should be done by a specialist, and what can be done by the investor. What do you think?

Renovations you should — and shouldn’t — do yourself


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