100% Rehab Investment Financing and Immediate Loan Draws Offered by ReCasa

You certainly know by now that ReCasa Financial Group is unique in private lending and hard money circles by offering 100% purchase and 100% rehab financing.  What you may not know is that ReCasa also provides a first draw to investors the day after their loan closes.  This prevents an investor from having to come out-of-pocket with initial costs related to the repairs.  This allows for qualified investors to truly purchase, rehab, and then sell or rent a property with no money down and no personal money needed to begin the rehab process.

Waiting on loan draws can decline a real estate investor’s possible return on investment (ROI) because it delays their ability to complete the project.  As a real estate investor, if you are not able to obtain your loan draws immediately after closing, you either have to wait to start rehabbing your investment property, or will need to use your own money.  With ReCasa Financial Group’s rehab loan program, you can start growing your ROI instantly.

Read more about calculating ROI here – http://recasafinancial.com/what-will-your-investment-give-you-in-return/

As a real estate investor, what do you want from your rehab loan?